The school follows the ICSE prescribed curriculum.

The second language is Kannada.  

Hindi is the third language and is introduced in Std. 3.

Up to Std. V semester text books that incorporate all the main subjects for one term in a single book are used. This dramatically cuts down the number of books and consequently the weight to be carried by a child.

In Std. I & II the main subjects studied are English, Maths, Science & Kannada.

From Std. III to V the main subjects studied are English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Kannada & Hindi.

From Std VI-VIII the subjects are the same as in Std V except that Science is split into Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately and  Social Science is split in to History & Geography.

All classes from Std. I to VIII also learn Computer Science, Bible Studies or Value Education and General Knowledge.
Std IX and X
Third language is not required.
There are 3 groups of subjects. Following are the subjects offered by the school.
Group I – (All Compulsory)
  1  English
  2  Kannada (II language)
  3  History
  4  Geography
Group II – (Any 2 must be chosen)
  1  Mathematics
  2  Science- (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  3  Commercial Studies
  4  Economics
Group III – (Any 1 must be chosen)
  1  Computer Applications
  2  Home Science
Project Assignments: are given on a regular basis to encourage children to explore and apply their minds. Marks for their projects are incorporated into their grades/marks for the tests/exams. This is therefore an enjoyable way for children to add to their grades without stress.
Audio-Visual Aids: The school stocks a wide range of educational CDs that are used to further make learning more enjoyable for the children.
Art and Craft: All classes have 2 classes a week to draw, paint, color and also work on a separate art piece in the form of an art kit.
Yoga: Std. VIII - X have Yoga classes as part of their weekly routine.
Music: Every class has music classes every week.
P.T: Up to Standard IV every class has 3 P.T classes a week where only 10 minutes is spent on warm up exercises and the rest of the time is spent playing. Higher classes have 2 P.T classes a week. Training for specific games and athletics is given after school hours.
Clubs: Std I - V have Karate on Saturdays. Std. VI - VIII have a range of 10 clubs to choose including Gardening, Carpentry & Screen Printing, Scouts & Guides, Quiz, Karate etc.