Children are whole heartedly encouraged to participate and develop their skills in extra curricular activities.

Classes 6 - 10 are divided into 4 houses.

  Nehru Red
  Beethoven Yellow
  Edison Blue
  Teresa Green

The two major events of the year are Annual Sports day and the Annual Parents day (a cultural presentation). For both events we ensure that every single student participates in the programme. Besides these two events, we have singing, dancing, rangoli, drawing / painting flower arrangement and fancy dress competitions held for Children's Day.

Music, library & art classes are conducted for all classes as part of their weekly routine.

For the high School science activities, students are regularly taken to the well equipped, fully functional seperate labs for chemistry & physics & biology

We also conduct an annual exhibition of projects put up by each class on a topic pertaining to their studies.

On Saturdays, children with aptitude & interest are given training in karate & Bharatnatyam. Classes 6 - 10 have a variety of clubs to nurture their talents such as Music, Carpentry, Gardening, Literary & Drama etc.
Picnic: Every year the children of Std. I - VI are taken on a one day picnic and the students of Std. VII - X are taken on a 3 day out station trip.

Teachers Day is a specially fun day not only for the teachers but for everyone as we have a cricket match and throw ball match between the staff and students.

The Christmas party needless to say is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone especially since Santa comes along and classrooms are decorated and there are gifts for every child besides a sumptuous snack.

Independence Day and Republic Day are solemn occasions that end with a cultural programme.

Other Special occasions: These include our Graduation Day which is a formal event and Socials Day - an informal party given by the students of Std. IX to the outgoing batch.

Demonstrations & Presentations: Among various presentations we have A Live Ham Radio session, the Fire Fighting Department display their methods, the Traffic Police make a presentation on road safety, etc.
UKG - Folk Dance
Project Exhibition
Project Exhibition
Graduation Day
Parents Day - 12
Std II - Hindi Dance Chamak Chalo Std V - Welcome Dance Sdt III - Western Dance
Parents Day - 12
Parents Day - 12
Parents Day - 12
Live Ham Radio
March-Past Under 14 Boys Relay Team boys team
March Past - 12
Sports - 11
Sports - 12
Sports - 11
School Picnic
Visit to the Zoo
Fire Fighting Demonstration
Fire Fighters in Action