St. Michael's High School

ICSE Results 2019: 100% Distinction. Toppers- Sujay Vikram - 98.4%, Mahima Dorcas - 97.4%, Kirthana.L - 96.2%.

Recent Events

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Teachers’ Day Celebration – 5th September 2019

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th of September to appreciate the diligence, sincerity and hard work of the teachers towards education.

It was a day of great joy for teachers as well as the students. The celebrations began by cutting a specially made ‘Teachers Day’ cake arranged by the students of Std X and to add to this, they even made personalized cards for every teacher. A beautiful poem about teachers was also read out making the celebration even more meaningful.

Later the students organized a special program which started with a speech followed by graceful dance performances by the students of Std IX and X. The most awaited and exciting events of the day were the throw ball and volleyball matches between the teachers and students. Both matches were keenly contested and wildly cheered for making it great fun for everyone. Thanks to our lovely students for making this day a memorable one.

Independence Day- 15th August, 2019

Independence Day was celebrated in our school grounds on 15th August. The celebration began with a March Past by all four houses.

Our Director hoisted the National Flag and after the salute, the whole gathering solemnly sang the National Anthem. This was followed by a prayer and speech on India’s Independence by a high school student. The students of Std V sang a song – ‘Sare jahan se accha’ to invoke the patriotic spirit. The Std VI students presented a skit that threw light on an incident that took place prior to Independence where an Indian soldier won over the heart of one of the world’s most terrifying leaders- Hitler through his display of determination. Following that was a beautiful dance performance to the song- ‘It happens only in India’.

The teachers also displayed their patriotic spirit by singing the song- ‘Ae watan’. Following this was a small quiz session, were the Director asked questions based on the speeches delivered and the winners were rewarded with chocolates. Later, sweets were distributed to all the students and parents who were a part of this grand celebration.