St. Michael's High School

ICSE Results 2019: 100% Distinction. Toppers- Sujay Vikram - 98.4%, Mahima Dorcas - 97.4%, Kirthana.L - 96.2%.

Recent Events

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Annual Prize Day Ceremony - 23rd March, 2019

The Annual Prize Day ceremony was held on 23rd March, 2019. It is the most awaited event for all our top achievers. It is a day when all the students are awarded for their excellence in various fields but predominantly for academics. It is a day of recognition for all the hard work put in by the students throughout the academic year

The ceremony began on an auspicious note with a prayer followed by a few melodious songs and dance performances from the students of Std 6 and Std 7. All the students who secured more than 85% marks and above in each subject were awarded with certificates and the students who excelled in more than three subjects were awarded with mementos as well. A few other areas in which the students were awarded were for honor roll, leadership qualities, and full attendance. The top student from each class was awarded with the ‘Star Pupil Award” for their overall performance.

Junior & Senior Sports – 10th & 11th August, 2018

The Junior Sports Day was held on 10th August, 2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Mrs. Bindu Rani (Former Indian Athlete). The colorful display of novelty races and the musical drills by our adorable Junior Michaelites added to the fun and flavor to the day.

Mrs. Krupa G.P (Captain of the Indian Throw ball Team) was the Chief Guest for the Senior Sports Day. She gave an enlightening speech on the use of mobile phones and requested the parents to use less plastic. The day began with the colourful display of March Past by all four houses. The parents witnessed a captivating display of drills, pyramids and races. The three schools that participated in the Inter School Under 16 boys and girls relays were St. Vincent Pallotti School, St. Charles High School and SJR Public School out of which our school team won the 1st place in both the boys and girls categories.

Prayer Service – 3rd July, 2018

Every year the school conducts a prayer service to bring to memory our late founder Mrs. Betsy Chacko and to seek God’s blessings for the new academic year. The stage was decorated beautifully with flowers and a large picture of our founder along with some words of inspiration.

We were honored to welcome our Chief celebrant Fr. Christopher for the prayer service. The service began with a prayer and a prayer song by the Senior Choir. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp ceremony by our Director, Principal, teacher representative and student representative.

Our Principal then shared her fond memories with Mrs Betsy Chacko and our celebrant Fr. Christopher gave a wonderful speech on the negative effects of using mobile phones. He ended with APJ Abdul Kalam’s quotes that the students should say first thing in the morning to boost their self confidence. For offertory, the students offered a prayer and their daily school equipments to Father for his blessings.

Finally the Prayer Service ended with a melodious song by the cute little ones of the Junior Choir thanking God.

Science Week V to IX – 25th to 29th June, 2018

Science Week was held from 25th to 29th June, 2018 for Std V to IX. The school had organized the Science week to give all the students an opportunity to express their knowledge and creativity on the given topic.

Each student was given a topic and they had to prepare neat and colourful charts and models related to their respective topics. Along with this, they had to demonstrate a few examples using props.

The students had invested a lot of time and effort in preparing, exhibiting and demonstrating their work.

The science week will always be one of the superlative events organized by our school since the students have fun learning interesting things and sharing the same with the parents who acted as judges and rated the students. Based on these ratings the highest rated students were awarded certificates and ribbons.

Investiture Ceremony – 4th June, 2018

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example”.

Leaders are an integral part of the school. They are the ones who help, support and guide the other students.
The Investiture Ceremony was conducted at the school on the 4th of June. The ceremony was presided by the Director and Principal.

At the start of the ceremony the Director gave a wonderful speech on the meaning and importance of the Investiture Ceremony. Following this, all the Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects including Head Boy and Head Girl were appointed as Leaders for the year 2018–19.

The Director, Mrs. Sonya Chacko pinned the badges on Captains and Vice Captains while the Principal Mrs. Chandra Prabha honored them with sashes. Soon after, they took a solemn oath to lead by example and to take on their responsibilities with dedication. Finally the ceremony ended with the singing of our Karnataka Anthem followed by the National Anthem.

Annual Prize Day Ceremony - 28th March, 2018

The Annual Prize Day ceremony was held on 28th March, 2018. It is the most awaited event for all our top achievers. It is a day when all the students are awarded for their excellence in academics. It is the recognition of the hard work put in by the students throughout the academic year.

The day began on an auspicious note with a prayer followed by a dance by the girls of Std 5 and 6. All the students who secured more than 85% marks and above in each subject were awarded with certificates and the students who excelled in more than three subjects were awarded with mementos as well. A few other areas in which the students were awarded were for Honour Roll, Leadership qualities, and full attendance. The prizes were handed over to the students by the Director, Principal and Trustee members Mrs Celine Joseph and Mr George Chacko.

Socials Day - 10th February 2018

The Socials Day for the graduated batch of 2018 was held on 10th February, 2018. It was a day where all the Std 9 students showered their love and affection on their seniors. The programme began with a prayer seeking God’s blessings continued by an inspiring speech from the Director. The day also witnessed some wonderful speeches by the graduated students Varun and Joslin. The juniors added a flavour of entertainment by conducting games like biscuit challenge for boys and bursting the balloon game for girls and they danced to the songs depicting their joyous moments during school life. As a token of love the juniors presented personalised gifts to their seniors. Finally the wonderful day came to an end with a sumptuous meal.

Graduation Ceremony - 9th February 2018

The Graduation Ceremony for the graduating batch of 2018 was held on 9th February 2018.

It was a very important day for the students and all had to come dressed in suits and sarees. The ceremony began with a solemn slow march by the graduating students onto the stage. This was followed by lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries including a parent and teacher. The ceremony included some beautiful songs. There were speeches by the outgoing students as well as their juniors besides those by the Chief Guest, Principal and a parent. Each student was felicitated along with their parents and some of the students received certificates of excellence in various subjects. Finally this memorable occasion ended with class photographs and a hearty meal.

Junior Trip – MG Active Farm

The school had organized a day outing for Std V and VI to MG Active Farm. The students were eagerly waiting for this day to explore and enjoy themselves. The trip was held on 2nd February 2018.

They started their tour by visiting the animal farm where they got an opportunity to feed the cows, goats, pigs, turkeys and so on. They learnt about sericulture, how they breed the silkworms, life cycle of a moth, how silk is extracted and what himsa silk and ahimsa silk are. Then they were enlightened about the germination of seeds, how natural manure is made and why earthworms are called a farmer’s friend.

They also did a farm tour and saw a variety of vegetable and flower plants. The students were then taken for a tractor ride around the farm.

The visit to the farm was a welcome break for the students. The tour ended on a high note of good music and dance. It gave them a unique learning experience to engage with nature and agriculture, value their food and develop respect for the farmers.

Educational Trip

The school had organized a day outing for Std III and IV to Planetarium, Military Memorial and Aquarium. The children were very excited and sang songs in the bus.

A visit to the Bangalore aquarium was first. The students enjoyed seeing the different kinds of exotic fishes in the aquarium.

Next stop was at the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. The curious minds of the explorers were fed with lots of interesting facts about ‘Our Universe’ in the sky theatre, a visual delight for about 45mins. The children also explored the play equipments in the science park. After their lunch the students visited the National Military Memorial Park. The children saw the stone memorial of our slain soldiers as well as the large National Flag that flutters high above. They also enjoyed seeing the defense equipments like rockets, tanks, bridges, etc.

Later the children played to their hearts content in the energy park. Exhausted but happy they were back to school by 4:30p.m in the evening.

Science Exhibition

UKG - I Std

The science exhibition for UKG and Std I was held from 29th- 30th Jan, 2018. This event was conducted in order to develop the confidence and public speaking skills of the students.

The topic for UKG was given as “Transportation” and “Fairy Tales” for Std I.

Students of UKG were asked to bring colourful charts depicting their given topic and say a few lines about it.

The Std I students dressed up as their favourite fairy tale characters. Each child had to go up on stage along with their story book and say 5-6 sentences on their respective story books and characters.

Parents were given the opportunity to judge the students based to their confidence and costume.

All the parents were happy with the children’s performance and thanked the teachers for their relentless efforts.

II - IV Std

The science exhibition for class II –IV std was held from 31st Jan -2nd Feb, 2018. The exhibition was a platform to express students knowledge and creativity.

The topics were Community Places for Std II, The Solar System for Std III and Industries of India for Std IV.

The children made colourful and attractive displays to showcase their topics and explained them to the parents who visited. The parents were very happy to see the creative display by students. Parents were given an opportunity to express their views about each student’s performance through score sheet ratings. Students were later awarded certificates and badges based on their ratings.