St. Michael's High School

ICSE Results 2022 : 100% Distinction. Toppers - Ashley Sheldon Alexander - 98.2%, D John Joel - 98.2%, Jonathan Gerard Joseph J - 98%, Omkar J Siddappa - 98%.

Recent Events

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Prayer Service- 4th July, 2022

A prayer service was held for blessings at the start of the New Year as well as in remembrance of our late founder Mrs. Betsy Chacko.

Fr. Charles Vijay was the main celebrant of the service. There was lighting of lamp ceremony by Our Director, Chief Guest, Principal, a teacher and the Head Boy of the school.

A beautiful hymn by the junior choir was followed by the Bible Reading followed by a prayer. Fr. Charles Vijay in his speech gave a meaningful message for the children to set a goal, compete with themselves and last but not the least to do their best. The event continued with a beautiful dance performance by our VI std girls and our Principal shared her warm memories about our late founder Mrs. Betsy.

The students of class VII performed a skit with a wise moral of trusting in God. Finally the event concluded with a prayer and a hymn by our Senior Choir.

Science Week Std V to IX – 27th June to 1st July, 2022

The Science Week was held from 27th June to 1st July, 2022 for Std V to IX. The objective of this event was not only to develop their research skills but also to make the study and understanding of topics more fun and interesting. This year’s Science Week was based on plants. Different topics were given to the students depending on their class such as Structure and Dispersal of seeds, Transpiration, Reproduction in Plants and so on.

Students were excited to explain the topic which was assigned to them. They took part in the activity with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm and prepared a variety of charts and displayed specimens related to their respective topics.

Parents were invited to attend the event and rate each student based on which badges are given to students who have the best presentations.

Investiture Ceremony - 06th June, 2022

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. - John Maxwell

Investiture means a formal investing of a person with authority, power, right, and dignity. It’s rightly said that ‘leaders are not born, they are made’.

The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2022-23 was held on the 6th of June 2022.

Mrs. Sonya Chacko , Director and Mrs. Chandra Prabha, Principal presided over the event.

This was a momentous day for the budding young leaders of the school.

Director Mrs. Sonya Chacko gave a speech on the importance of the Investiture Ceremony and congratulated the new leadership team. She encouraged them to lead by example and carry out their responsibilities with commitment.

The Director and Principal honoured the leaders by pinning on their badges and respective sashes.

After the oath was taken by the leaders, the ceremony ended with the singing of the Karnataka Anthem and National Anthem.

Graduation Ceremony – 18th March 2022

The Graduation Ceremony for the graduating batch of 2022 was held on 18th March 2022.

It was a formal event for the Std X students and all had come dressed in suits and sarees. The ceremony began with a solemn slow march by the graduating students onto the stage. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Director, Principal and other dignitaries including a parent and teacher. The ceremony included reading the holy books and some melodious songs in English and Kannada.

There were speeches given by two of the graduating students Dharshan.S and Mantraa as well as their junior representative Selvina Margaret besides those by the Director, Principal and a parent.

Each graduating student came on stage with their parents and was felicitated with a memento. Some of the students also received Certificates of Excellence in various subjects. Thereafter our Director felicitated the staff members who had completed their well deserving service of 10 years in the institution with a token appreciation. The programme culminated with a class photograph of students tossing their caps in the air and a hearty meal.

Junior & Senior Mini Sports Fiesta – 8th - 10th March, 2022

Keeping in mind the importance of sports in a child's life and with the intention of encouraging active life and sportsman spirit, the school conducted a Mini Sports Fiesta for the children. The Sports Fiesta included a number of novelty races and the colourful musical drills by our adorable Junior Michaelites which made for a fun and frolicsome atmosphere after a long time. The parents witnessed a captivating display of drills, races and group games

In the senior sports events, there was a display of many athletic and group games events and the winners were awarded with certificates and medals. The Nehru House and Teresa House Senior Boys put up a great match of basketball which came to a nail-biting finish that had all the children cheering loudly for each point that was scored. Teresa House won the match but Nehru House ended up with the highest total score and was the winner of the Overall Championship trophy for the year 2021-2022. The children were so happy that the school had managed to organise these sports events within the short span of time that the children had back to school.

Christmas Charity, December, 2021

We constantly encourage our children to help and think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This year the school had asked the students to contribute in the form of stationary, provisions, chocolates or money towards charity work with surrounding government school children and orphanages. The funds and items collected from the charity were used to bring smiles to 1600 students of four government schools at Geddalahalli, Hennur, Kothanur and Thanisandra.

The government school children were thrilled to receive new school bags, toys, snacks and small gifts such as stationary items, toys, pencil box and chocolates. The highest contributors towards charity had the pleasure of distributing these gifts to their counter parts in the government schools.

Many parents generously contributed provisions towards charity and the same was donated to Auto Raja’s Home of Hope, Infant Jesus Home for children in Kothanur and Blessing Home. Along with this we also distributed cupcakes, toys and chocolates. We were also able to bring happiness to the children in Home of Faith, Byrathi by giving them school bags, toys and chocolates. This Christmas season was very fruitful as we were able to make so many children and even some elders so happy through our children’s generosity.

Investiture Ceremony - 24th November, 2021

The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn occasion when students are given leadership roles for the academic year. The ceremony was held on 24th November, 2021.The ceremony was presided by the Director and Principal.

At the start of the ceremony the Director gave an enlightening speech on the significance of the Investiture Ceremony. Following this, all the Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects including Head Boy and Head Girl were appointed as leaders for the year 2021-2022.

The Director, Mrs. Sonya Chacko pinned the prestigious badges on Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects while the Principal Mrs. Chandra Prabha honoured them with sashes. Soon after, they took a solemn oath to lead by example and to take on their responsibilities with utmost integrity and dedication. Finally, the ceremony ended with the singing of our school song.

Children’s Day Celebration – 12th November 2021

Children's Day is a day to recognize that children are important and the most valued members of our society. This day is counted as one of the best days of the year for all Michaelites as it is always filled with fun and frolic.

Besides having no classes or home work on this day, the school organized a fun competition for the students like the Fancy Dress Competition to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of an audience. There was also a Rangoli Competition where the high school students exhibited their colourful expressions through rangoli.

Apart from these competitions, the children were treated to an amazing variety of entertainment programs by all the teachers. First there was a special assembly conducted by the teachers. This was followed by some fantastic dance performances by various groups of teachers as well as the office staff. Besides this, there was also a fun skit performed by the High School teachers depicting the online classes and an interesting fashion show. The day ended with the good wishes from our Principal and snacks were distributed to all the children.

Socials Day – 1st February 2020

The Socials Day for the batch of 2020 was held on 1st February 2020. It was a day where all the Std 9 students showered their love and affection on their seniors. The programme was a mix of song, dances, games and good food. There were also two heartfelt but humorous speeches by both an outgoing student as well as by a student of grade 9.

The juniors added a flavor of fun and entertainment to this special day by conducting games like the ‘Biscuit challenge, 'Simon says',' Needle and thread' etc which was followed by some captivating dance performances by both the boys and girls.

As a token of love, the juniors presented personalized gifts to their seniors and the STD X too presented a gift to the school as a mark of gratefulness.

The day created an occasion for the outgoing students to look back at the joyous moments spent together in the school over the past 13 years.

Junior Science Exhibition

UKG – I Std

The Science Exhibition for Std I and UKG was held on 8th and 9th Jan 2020. This event was conducted in order to develop the confidence and public speaking skills of the students. It also gives the students a platform to showcase what they have learned.

The topic for UKG was ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ and for Std I the topic was ‘Different Means of Communication. Students of UKG brought fresh fruits and vegetables and spoke about it.

The Std I students showcased colorful charts and models on different means of communication. Each child explained the advantages and disadvantages of it in a few sentences.

Parents were given the opportunity to judge the students based to their confidence and communication.

All the parents were happy with the children’s performance and thanked the teachers for their relentless efforts.

II -IV Std

The Science Exhibition for Std II –IV was held from 4th to 7th Jan, 2020. The exhibition was a platform to express student’s knowledge and creativity.

The topics were ‘Types of Houses’ for Std II, ‘Inventors and Inventions’ for Std III and Architectural marvels of India for Std IV.

The children captivated the parent’s attention by displaying the colorful and attractive models and charts to showcase their topics and explained them to the parents who visited. The parents were very happy to see the creative display by students and were also given an opportunity to express their views about each student’s performance through score sheet ratings. Students were later awarded with certificates and badges based on their ratings.